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Maintaining healthy eyes requires regular eye exams and the optometrist office of Margaret J. Swinker, O.D. & Associates in Brownsville, PA provides all of your vision care needs. Your time and personal care is our number one concern. We want to make your experience with going to the eye doctor a comfortable and professional one. Regardless of your situation, our eye doctors will be able to determine the best option for your vision demands.

Many common ocular conditions are not immediately apparent and don’t have any obvious symptoms. Scheduling a regular eye exam with your Fayette County area eye doctor ensures that you are wearing the right prescription for your eyewear, and gives your eye doctor the opportunity to examine your eyes for asymptomatic conditions. At our Brownsville, PA office you will receive a comprehensive eye exam that looks for both the obvious and the hidden conditions that might be affecting your visual health.

Conveniently located in Brownsville, Fayette County, PA our office provides optometry services for the Uniontown, Connellsville, the Mon Valley and surrounding areas as well. Quality eye care and personal attention are our focus at Margaret J. Swinker, O.D. & Associates in optometry.

Our staff is dedicated to helping you understand treatment options, so you are comfortable making decisions about eye care for you and your family.  At our Brownsville, PA office you can be assured that you and your family will be in good hands with our eye doctors.  Our eye doctors will give you your eye exam as well as help you choose eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses.

Whether you receive an annual eye exam or treatment for an eye disease our health care providers know you deserve the best. Call Margaret J. Swinker, O.D. & Associates today for an appointment at our Fayette County office of optometry.


Eyesight Improvement

Whether you are near- or farsighted, have an astigmatism or other eye problems, we can provide you with the correct glasses and contacts to meet your needs.


Eye Examination

To determine the best treatment solutions for you, we conduct a thorough eye exam and provide you with detailed recommendations.


Eyeglass Repair

Lose a screw?  Bend an earpiece?  Lens fell out?  We are happy to help fix these inconveniences for you.


Contact Lens Fitting

Contacts should be comfortable while also correcting your vision.  Our skilled optometrists will ensure you get contact lenses that are just right for you.


Healthy Eyes - Better Life

At Margaret J. Swinker, O.D. & Associates we believe you can enjoy life to the fullest with proper eye care and treatment of eye problems.

Our Mission

We believe in providing you with the clearest vision through the most advanced eye care possible. We strive to offer you options that will enhance your vision as well as you sense of style and fashion.


The first step to better eye health - schedule a consultation today by calling 724-785-5656 or send us an email.